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Our Turunc Premium Hotel located in one of the best bays of the Aegean. Turunc was established in 2015 as a 5 star, all-inclusive 213 roomed hotel of which room types are constituted of standard rooms. Our hotel is in distance of 22 km to Marmaris center and 120 km to Dalaman airport. Special room for our disabled guests is present in our hotel.

Your holiday will always be perfect at Turunc Premium Hotel, which makes a difference among Marmaris hotels.

Our hotel is located in Marmaris Bozburun peninsula where Aegean and Mediterranean sea coasts intersect. Surrounding with pine forest and high hills as well as unique bay, sunshine and gently blowing breeze always accompany your holiday in the legendary Turunc town.

All-inclusive system is applied throughout the 5-star hotel where you have a unique holiday. You will not be able to resist swimming on the clear and wavy private beach with blue flag status.

Difference of the Turunc Hotels among all Marmaris Hotels

Turunç town of Marmaris,Turkey has a wonderful nature with its deep blue sea, clean air and lush trees.Turunc is a well known Turkish summer town known with its summer retreat nestled in nature where Aegean and Mediterrenean meets. Turunc swarms with both local and foreign tourists especially after April. We offer a holiday opportunity in our 5-star hotels with our all-inclusive concept to those who want to come to the Turunc town of Marmaris with our Turunc Resort Hotel and Turunc Premium Hotel in Turunc, which make a difference among Marmaris hotels, Turunc is 20 km from Marmaris. Vacationers who will come to Turunc from Marmaris with their private vehicle will travel for approximately 20 minutes accompanied by a wonderful view and reach our Turunc Hotels.

The distance between Muğla and Turunç is approximately 75 kilometers and takes approximately 1 and a half hours. The distance between İzmir and Turunç is approximately 295 kilometers and takes approximately 4 hours. The distance between Istanbul and Turunc is about 835 kilometers. It takes an estimated 11 hours and 45 minutes. The distance between Ankara and Turunç is approximately 665 kilometers. It takes approximately 9 and a half hours. The distance between Bursa and Turunç is approximately 600 kilometers. It takes approximately 8 hours. Turunç, which used to be a fishing town, is also a stopover point for blue cruise boats and yachts. Our hotels’ beaches are blue-flagged beaches. Our sea and beaches are clean and clear. Another bay that is in the close vicinity of Turunç is Amos Bay. While enjoying the sea in this natural wonder, ancient city of Amos is mainly preferred destinations of tourists to visit.

Coves that are in the close vicinity are highly recommended to visit for the tourist coming to Turunc named Amos, Kumlubük, İçmeler, Adaköy, Çiftlik are among the bays you can see. Turgut Village, Selimiye, Bozburun, Amos ancient city and Kızkumu, which are close to Turunç,Marmaris are also recommended places to visit.

Holiday Privilege in Marmaris Turunc Hotels

Marmaris Turunc Hotels are waiting for their lovers with their magnificent nature, sea as well as its luxurious and spacious room that are designed to make you feel privileged.Turunc Hotels allow you to experience unforgettable moments with your family and the loved ones in the middle of the nature and the sea.It gains trust with its customer satisfaction scores, from room service to staff, from food and beverage to prices and service quality.

Turunc Hotels ‘Features

Marmaris Turunc Hotels prioritize the quality and the trust. Smallest details are utmost important for the comfort and peace state of mind of its customers. Marmaris Turunc Hotels,Turkey host its guests in an excellent wayI through giving happiness to people of all ages with its food, beverage and accommodation features. It offers affordable prices, free options for both 1 child and 2 children, and cancellation options up to 72 hours prior to stay. Turunc hotels offer countless activity options by the sea, via activities.waterpark for entertaining its guests.

Reasons for Choosing Turunc Hotels

There are many reasons for choosing a Turunc hotesl. First of all, for your accommodation, you can choose the one you want from full board, half board, bed and breakfast and all inclusive. Turunc hotels are at your service as honeymoon hotels, boutique hotels, congress seminar hotels, resort hotels and beachfront hotels. You can choose it for your family, friends, business organizations and enjoy nature and the sea.

Turunc Hotels’s Prices

Prices in Turunc hotels are extremely affordable and Turunc Hotels have the option of secure payment and easy cancellation and return for its guests. By including Turunc hotels in your holiday plans, you will be giving yourself the best gift by choosing Marmaris,Turkey and its surroundings. With the entertainment for your children and countless activities for you, your soul will almost be released in the lap of nature. Turunc hotels increase their service quality with the points they earn through the evaluations received their customers.

Pandemic Period and Turunc Hotels

The pandemic, which swept the whole world, also affected our country a lot. As Turunc hotels, the hygiene of all areas is carefully ensured. As the trustee of customer health and safety, it continues to work with the awareness of its responsibility. From the disinfection of the rooms to personal products, bed linen, towels and slippers, all possible ones are for single use. Non-disposable items are disinfected as prescribed by law. In order for you to have a comfortable holiday, maximum attention is paid to personnel hygiene as well as businesses, by calculating to the smallest details. Disinfectants can be used at certain points of the hotel and left in the rooms. Mask distance hygiene rules are also istrictly applied in our hotels

Holiday in Marmaris

With the opening of the summer season, hotels have started to take their reservations.Among the beautiful summer holiday cities in Turkey, Marmaris attracts great attention from tourists. Marmaris hotels open their doors to the customers who want to use all of the facilities of all inclusive hotels. This article is an advice and information for people who are interested in summer holiday in Turkey especially Marmaris vacation packages.

Reasons to Go on a Holiday in Marmaris

Marmaris,Turkey is one of the well-flourished region in terms of tourism. It is defined as one of the best 5 star Turkey resorts’ venues for the all-inclusive holiday resort seekers.Marmaris, which is located in the Aegean region and has famous bays as well as beautiful beaches and clean nature. has been considered as an important town for tourism.

Water sports and daily boat tours are most common additionally offered attractions of the Marmaris hotels as a daytime activity in addition to hotel facilities and ativities such as aquapark,SPA,kids club. In addition to that,its beaches are clean,serene, and often blue flagged which is tempting touriss to explore more with daily boat tours.Those who love tranquility and serenity,there are various options for them to spend their holidays in the secluded areas of Marmaris such as all inclusive resorts with private bay.Marmaris is not only constituted of wide rage of all inclusive hotels but also has romantic boutique hotels ,family hotels having different price ranges that are looking forward to welcome their guests. Since the summer season is long in this region, summer season continues until the end of the October.

Places to Visit in Marmaris

Boat tour is the most recommended activities of all in Marmaris.The region has many beautiful coves and beaches. Many bays are visited by boat tour and there is no either vehicle or pedestrian access for them. Boats depart from the ports in the center of Marmaris. İçmeler Bay is one of the most beautiful options for those seeking silence. Those who want to have a holiday in the trees, stretching the beach from one end to the other, mainly prefer hotels in Icmeler.

Turunc region, like Icmeler, is the choice of those who seek silence. It is the choice of people who have children and want to be away from entertainment points. There are many hotels. There are many clean and beautiful beaches. Some of these beaches are; Marmaris public beach, Icmeler beach, Uzunyalı beach, Cleopatra beach. Marmaris center is also one of the must-visit points. There are streets especially focused on nightlife as well as its long marina for having a walk and scouting entourage.

Historical Places to Visit in Marmaris

Marmaris has also hosted historical structures. Marmaris Castle, Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai, Physkos Ancient City are among the historical places that must be visited. The Ancient City of Amos is also one of the historical places with a large number of visitors. The old İbrahim Ağa Mosque was built in 1789 and has been one of the tourist’s visits.

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