TURUNC HOTELS; As a high-quality, contemporary, dynamic, leading and successful hotel, it is an organization that adopts quality, environment, food and occupational health and safety as a principle and constantly develops in this context, focuses on guest satisfaction and values its work and employees.

The TURUNÇ HOTELS family, which started its activities in the tourism sector with the TURUNÇ RESORT hotel in 1987, has 2 hotels, Turunç Resort and Turunç Premium, serving in Turunc town of Marmaris today.

Our vision, as Turunç Hotel, is to become one of the leading companies in the tourism and hotel industry, in Turkey and abroad, which has adopted the principle of guest satisfaction as well as guest continuity.

Our mission is; Focusing on protecting Turkey's natural, historical, cultural heritage and values, with our experience in the tourism sector and our educated, friendly and dynamic staff; To be a family that is constantly developing individually and institutionally.

Our working principles and core values;
• respecting moral and social values, adopting being honest as a principle,
• can approach people and events positively,
• sensitive to the environment and colleagues,
• supporting teamwork that will ensure creative and guest loyalty,
• have the awareness of continuous learning and development,
• sensitive about the consistency of the price-service ratio,
• paying attention to quality and service consistency,
• be open to criticism and exhibit exemplary behavior for the sector,
• values its employees and their ideas,
• focused on continuous personal and professional development,
• sensitive about health and hygiene,
• to respect nature, historical and cultural heritage.

'One change leads to the next change that will give us the opportunity to improve'.

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